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Wooden sheep

The Nodding Sheep is a life size wooden sheep (created by chainsaw artists) that nods and has many uses around the home and farm. Click here to view the many ways in which the Nodding Sheep can be useful.
The Nodding Sheep is created to order from a solid block of timber and is roughly the same size as a real sheep. Since it is hand carved each Nodding Sheep is slightly different.
The Nodding Sheep makes an ideal seat and garden ornament. Children love it and adults will not fail to smile. Be apart from the flock purchase your sheep today or even better surprise a friend!

To order your Nodding Sheep simply pay a £25.00 deposit now and the balance (£125.00) when you pick up or we send you your own Nodding Sheep. There will be a charge for the transportation of the Nodding Sheep which may as much as £50 (it is heavy).

Please note that the Nodding Sheep is only available for transportation within the mainland United Kingdom.

Want to know more contact us at noddingsheep@noddingsheep.com
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Wooden Sheep
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